Aga Prices

Aga Cleaning Price List


2 Door Module £78.00
2 Door Oven Size £150.00
3 Door Oven Size £165.00
4 Door Oven Size £180.00
Aga Masterchef £135.00
Aga Masterchef 6-2
Aga Masterchef 6-4







We appreciate that your Aga is the focal point of your kitchen and it takes pride of place, and to keep it looking in pristine condition is a time consuming and arduous task.

‘The Domestic Oven Cleaner’ provides a complete Aga cleaning service across Herts, Beds, Bucks, and Middlesex, but for maximum efficiency and peace of mind we are happy to provide links to two dedicated and experienced professional service engineers that cover your area.

We know that we will be able to keep your Aga looking in showroom condition and keep it working safely and efficiently.

The cleaning process takes between 4-5 hours dependent on the size of the Aga. We use a combination of scraper, eco-friendly cleaning solutions and good old fashioned elbow grease to remove all traces of built up grease and carbon deposit from the top surface area and restore the inside of the lids and doors to the shiny finish you once had.

The night before we are due to clean your Aga, we ask that you turn it down to the pilot light.

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